Our Services

Our focus and passion is to establish a high quality customer centric and service oriented finance company catering the smallest needs of people of India.

Asset Finance

  • New Car Loan
  • Used Car Loan
  • Light & Heavy Commercial Vehicle Loans like Pick-up Vans, Trucks, Trailers, and Cranes etc.
  • Agriculture based Vehicle Loans like Tractors, Graders, etc.

Loan Against Property

Loan against Property is an ideal way to utilize and leverage your property to its full potential. It will help you fulfill your dream of taking your business to the next level. You can mortgage your Residential or Commercial property to meet your financial requirements.

Micro Finance

Micro Finance division provides loan to low income households with sizes varying from Rs.5000 to Rs.20000 & there are two streams of microfinance lending methodology employed by the company.

  • Individual Lending Model – Loans are extended to individual entrepreneurs for various purposes – both agricultural and non-agricultural. The loans are unsecured in nature and have cross guarantee of other borrowers.
  • Group Lending Model – loans are extended to borrower groups. Normally, these borrowers are ladies and have income from various sources like dairy, poultry, handicrafts, agricultural labor and other microenterprises.

General Insurance

Best Capital has a corporate tie-up with all major general insurance companies & we facilitate the general insurance process for the customers for vehicles under hypothecation with us or otherwise. Further, we timely remind our customers about the expiry of their respective insurance policies for the underlying vehicles and also facilitate the duly renewal of the insurance policy as per the request of the customers.